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MAPSIDESIGNSIDRAWINGS: Colored drawing of Pan-ku, illustrating the Chinese creation story, with letter above.

Iowa City IA 52242 (319) 335-5884 Robert Felsing, Oriental Cataloguer

I-GENERAL HOLDINGS MINUTES/RECORDS/REPORTS: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 94 reels microfilm of minutes, reports, correspondence, and documents on China missions, 18271930 (see Yale Divinity School, Special Collections, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT, 06520, and Harvard University, Houghton Library, Cambridge, MA, 02138, for detailed description); Augustana Synod, China mission, reports, 1937; Canton Christian College (Lingnan University), catalogue, 1942-43; Catholic University ofPeking, catalogue, 1939-40; China Medical Board ofNew York, report, 1952; Christian Literature Society for China, report, 1910-16, 1924-29; Fukien Christian University, catalogue, 1942; Hua Chung College, catalogue, 1943; Hwa Nan College, catalogue, 1943; UniversityofNanking, catalogue, 1942; West China Union University, prospectus, 1942. PAMPHLETS: 12 titles, 1878-1978, on such topics as the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions missions to China, anti-missionary riots, Catholie University of Peking, Ginling College, Jesuits, Peiping Union Medical College, Nestorian tablet, Shantung Christian University, Szechuan wilderness, and James Hudson Taylor. SERIALS: China Christian lear Book, 1917, 1919, 1926, 193839. China 's Millions (London), 1875-99. Chinese Recorder, 1868-1941. Monumenta Serica, 1948-; monograph series, 193967. Nanking Theological Seminary, English Publications, 1940. U niversity of Nanking, College of Agricul ture and Forestry, Bulletin, 1933; University of Nanking Magazine, 1910. Yenching University, Social Research Series, 1930. DISSERTATIONS/THESES: Oberlin-in-China, 1881-1951, by Mary Tarpley Campfield, 1974. CHINESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS/PAMPHLETS: Lingnan ta-hsüeh, 1894-1905. CHINESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS/SERIALS: Chin-ling hsüeh pao (Nanking Journal), 1931-41. Chin-ling ta hsüeh, T'u shu kuan ts 'ung k 'an (Library Bulletin), 1934. Ling-nan hsüeh pao (Lingnan Journal), 1929-52. Yen-ching hsüeh pao (Yenching Journal ofChinese Studies), 1927-41, 1946-51. Yen-ching hsüeh pao, chuan hao (Yenching Journal of Chinese Studies, monograph series), 1961-74 (repr.). Yen-ehing ta-hsüeh, Wen hsüeh nien pao (Yenching University, Literature Annual) , 1932-44. Yen-ehing ta hsüeh, Shih hsüeh nien pao (Historical Annual), 1924-40.