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I-GENERAL HOLDINGS CORRESPONDENCE: 13 letters to and from Robert Cairns, on Maryknoll mission work in South China, 1921-40; 21etters from Bishop Frederick Donaghy about converts in Wuchow and his imprisonment, 1940, 1951. MANUSCRIPTS: "Mary knoll Missionary," a lectur« by Robert Cairns, 1931; 2 manuscripts by Cairns on suffering and sacrifice in China and on introducing Chinese immigrants, 1923-31. MEMORABILIA/AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS: Articles and photos about Donaghy's arrest and release, Cairn's capture by bandits, and the plight of Catholic girls in China, 1939, 1951, 1955; articles about Donaghy's appointment as vicar-apostolic of Wuchow mission, 1939; clipping about Cairns' work on Sancian Island, n.d.; articles by Cairns, 1928-37; article by Thomas Breslin on Roman Catholic missions in China, 1975. AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS: 2 photos of Cairns, 1928; 7 photos of Donaghy, including his prison experiences and release, 1955-56, 1966.