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I-GENERAL HOLDINGS CORRESPONDENCE: Correspondence, 1922-48, from Bishop Henri Ucroart, S.J., Precious Blood sisters, G. Debeauvais, S.J. (Provicaire and superior of the Chihli Mission), Piet Klok, S.J., Franc;ois Xavier Chao, S.J., the bishop of Sienhsien, Patrick O'Connor (St. Columban's Missions in Shanghai), and Rt. Rev. Michael J. Read, National Catholic Welfare Conference; folder containing French originals and English translations labelled "officialletters preceding China Foundation"; circular letter recounting experience of new recruits en route to China, 1929; copies of correspondence between CordeIl Hull and John McCormack, regarding the U.S. government's responsibility for U.S. citizens in China, 1937; correspondence with John F. Stone, American viceconsul in Tientsin, 1937; correspondence relating to imprisonment ofthe sisters in Sienhsien and efforts to obtain their release, including a list of sisters, 1948; folder of correspondence relating to benefactors and donors to the China mission, 1945-48; circular letters from sisters in China, 1946-48; folder of post-war letters regarding efforts to contact sisters and establish their whereabouts in China, 1945-46, including correspondence with McCormack and George E. Stratemeyer; folder of letters re1ating to work at their mission in Japan, with occasional mention of native Chinese sisters, Jesuits, and missionaries who left China for Japan, ca. 1949-1950s; letter from B. A. Garside, 1948; French translations ofletters and telegrams of T. C. Davis, Canadian ambassador to China, with the British consul in Tientsin and the Internuntiatura Apostolica in Sinis, 1948; correspondence with Arthur Ringwalt and Edward F. Kelly regarding evacuation of Chinese and foreign sisters, 1948; telegrams from McCormack and Hull on sisters' conditions in Sienhsien, 1937, 1943. DIARIES: Journal of Sr. Tarsicius on her trip to China, with photo ofher enclosed, 1931; "Star ofthe Sea," n.a., journal oftrip from the United States to China via Japan, including arrival and installation in China, 1929; journal of Sr. Mary of the Good Shepherd on her trip to Sienhsien, 1929; journal by Sr. St. Jean de Dieu on trip from China to Portland, Oregon, with several returning sisters, 1931. MANUSCRIPTS: •• Memoirs of the Mission of Sienhsien through Troubled Waters, 1937-1948," by Sr. Mary ofCalvary; "Necrologie Notice of Sister St. Catherine of Sienna, " 1931, on the death of a native sister; "A Big Victory in One ofthe Nearby Villages, Potowchen," by Andre Joliet, S.J., 1935; lists of sisters in Sienhsien, 1937, 1942; "History ofthe Foundation in China," 1924; untitled manuscript including progress of the mission with excerpts ofletters from China, 1922; rnanuscript on the establishment ofthe monastery in Sienhsien, n.d.; "Que1ques Bribes Mensuelles, 1939"; "Some Echoes from Our Oriental Solitude," 1940; notes on discussion with Mr. Humble, Division of Chinese Affairs, Department of State, regarding the sisters' situation in Tientsin, 1948. PAMPHLETS: Etat de La mission au 1 er juillet 1924, containing a list of personnel and statistics for the Chihli Mission. MEMORABILlA: Clippings on release of sisters, L'Action Catholique and Tientsin Evening Journal, 1948. MAPSIDESIGNSIDRAWINGS: Map ofthe mission in South East Chihli, indicating the location of the monastery, n.d., in large photo album below.