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AVDIO-VISVAL MATERIALS: Small photo album, 1925-48, containing photos of work in Hopeh, newly ordained native priests, Bishop Henri Lecroart, S.J., Mother St. Simon, Chihli Mission, Precious Blood missionaries, Chinese people and scenes, a Corpus Christi procession in Sienhsien, and the Sanctuary of the Monastery of the Precious Blood; large photo album, 1924-48, containing photos of the monastery in Sienhsien, foundresses of the monastery, Bishop Henri Lecroart, S.J., arrival in Sienhsien, a trip from Potowchen to Sienhsien, sisters, mission compound, chapei, construction of the monastery, interior views of the monastery, novitiate, British Hospital, Chinese sisters, and the last missionaries to China; photo of Bishop Henri Lecroart, S.J. CHINESE LANGVAGE MATERIALS: Propagation of the Faith leaflet in the large photo album above, 1939; obituary of Bishop Lecroart; handwritten prayer.