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New York

I-HUGHSON FAMILY PAPERS, 1921-27, quantity undetermined Background note: The Hughson family had a large lurnber business in upstate New York. Before her 1929 marriage to Frank Hughson, Frances J. Heath, M. D., served as a medical missionary in Peking from 1921 to ca. 1927. She was associated with the Methodist mission, Sleeper Davis Memorial Hospital, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), and the Union Medical College for Women. MINUTES/RECORDS/REPORTS: Bank receipts for money credited to the account of PUMC, n.d. CORRESPONDENCE: 1941etters from Frances J. Heath, during her work in Peking, including descriptions of political unrest and hostility toward foreigners, 1921-27. MANUSCRIPTS: Mimeograph from the staff of Soochow University on the killing of Chinese students by foreign police, 1925. MEMORABILlA: North China Union Language School, yearbook, 1922-23. AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS: Several photos of Frances Heath. FINDING AIDS: In-house finding list.