chapter  12
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The Literature of the Subject

INTERNATIONAL developments, including those which came before the great depression and helped cause it, are found in League of Nations, World Economic Survey, annually 1931-1941; a briefer treatment, good for background, is League of Nations, Report on Inquiry into Course and Phases of the Present Economic Depression. General economic works published in the period, with the exception of textbooks, grew out of the stressful times and were related to current policy by way of apology or attack. Paul H. Douglas, Controlling Depressions assumes liberal government intervention; U. S. National Resources Committee, The Structure of the American Economy is by a group of economists closely associated with the New Deal. Several works treat of government spending during the depression. Arthur E. Burns, and Donald S. Watson, Government Spending and Economic Expansion (Washington: American Council on Public Affairs, 1940) discuss policies and give tables of critical data.