chapter  6
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Getting to the Future: The Security Process

Bosnia is our present and our likely future in the pattern o f conflict in the contemporary international system. The source o f violence was primarily internal (at least within the former Yugoslavia-as opposed to the present Yugoslavia consisting o f Serbia and Montenegro). The basis of violence was intercommunal, with community in this case ethnically and religiously defined. The structure o f violence was more like interstate war than civil war, in the sense that the calculus of positive appeal to a common center o f gravity was almost entirely missing. Moreover, the “military” aspect hardly ever involved organ­ ized “armies” confronting and fighting one another in anything resem­ bling battle. Rather, semidisciplined militias attacked civilian enclaves o f other groups, either to displace or slaughter them or both. It is no surprise that, along with Rwanda, the Bosnian conflict spawned a drive for a permanent war crimes tribunal. The offshoot conflict building in Kosovo mirrors those characteristics.