chapter  Chapter 12
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Alternative Futures

WithWilfred L. David

The dominant discourse consists of a refinement of the postulates of neoclassical economics to deal with questions arising during die course of the development transition. An array of issues surrounding the sociology of knowledge, economic theory, political economy, and hermeneutics take on added significance. The direction of macroeconomic causality plays a pivotal role in determining the success or otherwise of most models. From the very inception, development economics has been a developed country subject. The apparent neo-classical recapture of the development discourse raises some fundamental questions not only about interpretation of the development phenomenon but also about the future course of the development conversation. Both the growth of development knowledge and the future of development economics hinge on the imperative of conducting a more thoroughgoing interpretive analysis of, and conversation about, the perennial antinomies that continue to militate against authentic, or people-centered, human progress.