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Take two quarts of sour beer or porter, the latter is preferable, eight ounces of best ivory black, three ounces of molasses, one ounce of sugar candy, half an ounce of gum arabic, half an ounce of oil of vitriol, and one ounce of sweet oil. Let your ivory black be well rubbed, to be­ come fine and free from lumps; mix the oil with the black, and dissolve the gum-arabic in some warm beer, then mix all the ingredients well together, keep it corked tight, in a ja r or what you choose to put it in, shake it well three or four times each day for two or three days, then it will be fit for use; and if used as the directions are given in boot and shoe cleaning, it will produce a brilliant and je t black, and is not in the least any way injurious to leather.