chapter  4
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To the Memory of Mr Oldham

James Thomson was born in 1700 at Ednam in Roxburghshire. He was educated at Edinburgh College, now the University of Edinburgh, and then prepared to enter the Presbyterian ministry. In 1725, however, he left Scotland for good, and in London wrote winter. He revised his poem and added a preface to it in the same year. In February 1727 he published summer. Alexander Pope was among the subscribers to The Seasons. Over the next few years Thomson travelled extensively in Europe as the tutor of Charles Talbot. By 1736 he had published the five parts of Liberty. The Seasons continued to occupy him, and in 1744 he published a greatly enlarged and much revised edition. A final edition of The Seasons appeared in 1746. In 1748 Thomson published The Castle of Indolence, a Spenserian imitation. The Castle of Indolence is markedly different from his other work, especially in its use of wit. Thomson died at Richmond in 1748.