chapter  5
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Alexander's Feast: or The Power of Music

Samuel Johnson was born in Lichfield near Birmingham in 1709. His father was a bookseller who sent him to Pembroke College, Oxford, for his education. Unfortunately Johnson did not survive at Oxford for financial reasons. After a few experiments with school-teaching, in 1738 he went to London to try his luck in the literary capital. He had with him an unfinished draft of his tragedy Irene, and his friend David Garrick. Both men hoped to advance in a career in the London theatre. Garrick's success in the world of theatre is well known; Johnson moved into journalism with The Gentleman's Magazine, and published London in 1738. The monumental Dictionary was published in 1755 and the Edition of Shakespeare in 1765. Of course, Johnson is also remembered for his Rambler essays and The Lives of the Poets. On the Death of Dr Robert Levet was published in 1783. Samuel Johnson died in 1784.