chapter  19
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A Receipt to Cure the Vapours

Title receipt recipe, prescription; vapours the fumes which were supposed to rise from the body and overspread the mind, at the expense of sanity. By transference, a morbid and hysterical condition, especially of women. Pope's 'Cave of Spleen' (in the fourth canto of The Rape of the Lock) is an allegorical representation of a vapourish condition. [1] Delia a stock poetic name - like Flavia in Saturday; retire withdraw from public life, specifically from the public life of a society beauty. [3] sighing crowd her male suitors, sighing with love. [4] hartshorn tea An infusion of horn scrapings creates an ammonia solution, which was once used medicinally. Various horns are still employed in this way in tradi­ tional Chinese medicine; tea pronounced 'tay'. [6] Damon another stock poetic name; life Delia's melancholy is caused by the death, rather than the desertion, of her lover.