chapter  7
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The Global Impact of Climate Change

Coping with, Adapting to, and Mitigating Climate Change Many communities will be able to cope with the early stages of climate change by making simple changes to their existing lifestyle. These coping strategies require little structural change, and the costs are manageable. Examples include community education to inform the population about emerging risks and hazards, water conservation programs to manage resources, the planting of drought-resistant crops to maintain levels of food production, and deepening of wells to keep pace with falling water tables. Climate change response plans should consider how to help communities that are most at risk. Disaster mitigation and response plans must prepare for the timely evacuation, housing, and eventual return of communities most at risk from flooding and the impact of tropical storms. The case study of Bangladesh, later in this chapter, provides an example of how a developing nation has responded very effectively to the threat of tropical storms and saved thousands of lives in the process.