chapter  9
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The Bhagavad Gıta

This chapter discusses Islam in India. Faith dominated Islam, and the orthodoxy of belief discouraged philosophical speculation. As a result, very little Islamic philosophy developed on Indian soil, and there was not much interaction between Hindu and Muslim philosophers. Islam swept across the Middle East, western Asia, northern Africa, and Spain like a huge tidal wave during the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries, finding its way to India within eighty years of Muhammad's death in 632. Islam, the way of submission to God, claims to begin with the first revelation of God to Adam, the very first human being. As Gods revelations continued, the great religions of Judaism and Christianity developed around the teachings of the prophets, who gave voice to the messages of God to His people. The four requirements of action plus the requirement of faith in God, the Qurn, and Muhammad constitute the five pillars of Islam, defining the essential duties of every Muslim.