chapter  4
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Liberating Knowledge: The Upanisads

This chapter explores the Hindu synthesis as it is presented in the Bhagavad Gt. Undoubtedly, the Gt itself is centuries later than the beginnings of this synthesis, for the vision presented in this text is almost certainly the culmination of a long process of synthesis and integration. The Bhagavad Gt or Song of the Lord is the single most important scripture of Hinduism. Most Hindus regard it as containing the essence of the teachings of the Vedas and Upaniads. The Gt is frequently called the New Testament of Hinduism by modern commentators because it occupies a place in Hinduism similar to that of the New Testament in Christianity. The Gt opens with two opposing armies facing each other on the battlefield, preparing to fight a great Civil War. One side is led by the five Pu brothers, the most famous of whom is Arjuna. On the other side are their cousins, the Kurus, sons of Dhtarra.