chapter  3
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The Beach

Here we can extend the categories used in the previous chapter's discussion of gardens and outdoor living in the suburban home. Much more than the acculturated version of the natural in the outdoor living area, the beach is uncompromisingly seen within the general framework of the natural, the free, the outdoors, the informal, the physical, and so on. Phillip Adams' position (made clear in his opposing the beach to civilisation) is to deny the value of this way of seeing the beach by drawing on an alternative ideology of rationalism: supporting culture over nature, the civilised over the primitive, the intellectual over the physical. Adams here is not proposing the dominant ideology; he extravagantly rejects a point

ofviewthatprefersthehealthytotheunhealthy,thenaturaltothe unnatural,therobusttotheeffete,andfinallytheAustraliantothe unAustralian.