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Studying Investigative Journalism
WithAndrea Carson

The introductory chapter explains why this book is dedicated to investigative journalism and why it is worth studying in democracies. It outlines the challenging backdrop for mainstream news media as it has transitioned from the analogue to the digital age. These include the fractured business model of media as advertising and audiences have shifted online, the rise of fake news, and, relatedly, falling public trust in media. The chapter outlines the chaos-and-control framework that is the theoretical basis for the book’s main argument: that investigative journalism, contrary to popular rhetoric, is not dying. It explains the mixed methods that will be used to underpin this central contention and why the book’s focus is on developed democracies, with greatest attention given to the state of investigative reporting in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It provides a map of the chapters ahead and explains why this book is suitable for readers with academic, professional, or personal interests in journalism.