Star voyager
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The USS Voyager, on the other hand, is very much a sailor’s ship. The concept underlying the Voyager series is epic, and there are, indeed, parallels between the story of Captain Janeway’s crew, facing a journey of seventy years to get back to earth from the position in the Delta Quadrant to which they are catapulted at the opening of the series, and the decades-long journey of Odysseus and his men to Ithaca. (Fortunately, Voyager’s eventual return to earth does not precipitate a slaughter along the same lines as the carnage that Odysseus found necessary in order to resume his rightful place.) Voyager has epic qualities in other ways too, shown most obviously in the dramatic two-parter ‘Year of Hell’, which is regularly cited by fans as the series’ best episode. Anorax’s motives for giving the Voyager crew hell have already been mentioned; let us now look at their response.