chapter  5
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What others can do to help

WithPeter K. Smith

Parents have an important role to play in at least three ways. They can provide a happy, secure environment for their child(ren). They can be alert to signs of involvement in bullying and be supportive if their child tells them about it. Peer support uses the experience, knowledge and skills of pupils in a planned and structured way. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but a common one is to reduce bullying and provide support for victims. There are mixed findings about the success of peer-support schemes, and one review argued that "it seems from our results that work with peers should not be used". In England, it is a legal requirement to determine a school's behaviour policy with a view to encouraging good behaviour and preventing all forms of bullying among pupils. Classroom activities can be used to tackle issues associated with bullying, progressively and in an age-, gender- and culturally appropriate way.