chapter  15
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Academic Progress Monitoring

WithSheri Berkeley, Paul J. Riccomini

In this chapter, the authors define progress monitoring and provide: a rationale for the use of progress monitoring in the classroom, an overview of the general progress monitoring process, a review of research that supports the use of progress monitoring, and a discussion about current applications. Two common methods used by teachers to monitor students' progress are Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA) and Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM). Practitioners can use CBM in a wide range of academic areas including reading, spelling, writing, and math. Although procedures can vary, there are generally six basic steps used for progress monitoring using CBM: create or select appropriate measures, administer and score the probes, graph the scores, set goals, make instructional decision, and communicate progress. Progress monitoring in mathematics using CBM is generally executed in the areas of computation and/or application. The majority of research on CBM in mathematics is conducted at the elementary level, and most has focused on computation.