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WithJunjie Xi

This chapter focuses on transportable buildings because: they have been widely used around the world and are becoming increasingly important and the majority of contemporary transportable buildings have been located in open public spaces with easy access. A comprehensive categorisation of simple shelters is proposed by Rene K. Muller, who makes and inhabits traditional temporary shelters. Based on Muller's assessment, the yurt is ranked as having the highest score among the different types of shelter, which indicates best performance in construction and function. In response to ecological considerations, all transportable buildings contain re-usable and recyclable components. In response to societal impact, transportable buildings are often used for temporary emergency needs. The economic demands have particularly strong impacts on the creative industry and small groups of entrepreneurs and therefore, it can be argued that contemporary transportable buildings can be used to measure a society's development in environmental sustainability, technology innovation and economic growth through various forms.