chapter  7
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Exxopolis: an Architects of Air Project

WithJunjie Xi

Architects of Air is a small company that designs and tours pneumatic structures and is based in a 372 m2 former textile workshop in Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK). The most common clients for Architects of Air's structures are art galleries, charities and organisations such as the British Council that are interested in promoting cultural events. The local Arts Centre community groups joined in the Windows Projects workshops to make the intricate windows of the Exxopolis Cupola. The main function of Exxopolis, as with all the other luminaria exhibited in the past, is to provide an interior space for visitors to walk around and experience a colourful and bright environment. Although visitors spend a relatively short time inside the structure because of the limited space and activities, Exxopolis offers them an unforgettable experience with its vivid and luminous colours. The completed Exxopolis occupies the area of half a football field and rises to the height of a three-storey building.