chapter  8
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WithJunjie Xi

The Kreod DIY Summer Pavilion, previously known as d_pod, is a transportable structure located on the Greenwich Peninsula, London, next to the O2 Arena. Kreod was launched on 18 September 2012, and the final design consists of three compartments for different types of exhibitions and activities. Kreod sits on castors, therefore no trench or foundation is required, which allows the structure to be moved and rearranged into different forms and spaces during the day or night. Based on the conversations with Li, Kreod was designed to address the design opportunities presented by the local economy, providing competitive solutions, both aesthetically and economically. In return for the support of the business partners that offered the site, construction materials and computer software packages, Kreod is being used firstly to advertise their products. The most important contribution of Kreod is that the parametric design method has been successfully applied to a transportable building.