chapter  9
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Summary of case studies

WithJunjie Xi

Table 9.1 provides a summary of each case study. This research has benefited from the selected case studies in various respects:

The three case studies provide a series of evidence to support the claims made in Chapter 1 that small-scale public-use transportable buildings can meet specific needs satisfactorily and efficiently. They are lightweight, flexible in function, require a small construction team and building site, and can be deployed and dismantled quickly.

The case studies show that transportable buildings can provide the same functional performance as transitional buildings. They can be made from much more sustainable construction material, such as paper, cardboard, wood, recyclable plastics and metals. A major benefit of using a transportable building is that it can be constructed and deployed rapidly without leaving heavy foundations.

Both Exxopolis and Kreod prove that small-scale public transportable buildings can offer the satisfaction of producing something that is all one’s own, and each project can be unique. Importantly, they can be used by designers and project owners to promote their businesses in the creative industry.

Case studies are used to examine the evaluation indicators, which are concluded from analysis and synthesis of an in-depth review of the design, use and operation of contemporary transportable buildings.

They can be used to test the conceptual model designed by the author to demonstrate how a small-scale public transportable building project can be evaluated holistically. In order to achieve a relatively objective evaluation result, evaluation questionnaire sheets were sent to each designer to rank the evaluation indicators. These evaluation indicators were ranked objectively for each case study, based on the data collected through site visits, questionnaires and interviews. The final stage concentrates on comparing the evaluation results between the designers and the author, and any gaps are identified with further questions and recommendations.