chapter  4
39 Pages

A review of the existing analysis and evaluation methods

WithJunjie Xi

This chapter introduces the comparative evaluation and analysis methods that are currently in use, and investigates the similarities and differences between them. It discusses the role of evaluation in transportable building design process, followed by outlining the principles and process of evaluation. Permission is normally granted by city councils or cultural sectors in advance of installation. The Temporary Buildings Design Guide was developed by the Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure Department of Aberdeen City Council, United Kingdom (UK) in 2008. Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency based in the UK which works across the world to respond to disaster relief and recovery through church-based organisations. The Toolkits publication is a practical guide to planning, monitoring, evaluating and assessing impact, as developed by Save the Children UK. The chapter concludes by introducing in detail the methods, which are divided into three sections: "Guidelines developed by city councils and cultural sectors", "Assessment methods in humanitarian response" and "Methods in environmental assessment".