chapter  1
26 Pages

Feminism at War

An Introduction
WithAna Miškovska Kajevska

This chapter describes feminist activism at war. It addresses the importance of collecting first-hand information and developing a methodology and rapport which are suitable for engaging with such a silenced and politically and emotionally laden topic. The chapter aims at expanding understanding of the contextual embedment of feminism and the consequences of war which extend beyond the physical ones, such as killed and harmed living beings, destroyed homes and infrastructure, and creation of minefields and closed borders. It presents a comparison of the positionings that is discourses and activities, of the Belgrade and Zagreb feminists which were related to the wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The chapter looks into the ways in which the Belgrade and Zagreb 'nationalist' and antinationalist feminists referred at the time of interviewing to the war-related intra-feminist dynamics in the 1990s. It underlines the important and multilayered contribution of this research to the scholarship on the Yugoslav war-related feminist activism.