chapter  4
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Positioning as a Process

Nine Episodes of Interaction
WithAna Miškovska Kajevska

The historical episodes which are presented here help understand the differences and similarities among and between the Belgrade and Zagreb feminists in their war-related positionings. The changes which occurred in some of these positionings due to new information and/or new developments, as well as the forging and breaking of intra-feminist allegiances. The proposal of some Zagreb feminists for setting-up a Yugoslav feminist umbrella NGO divided the Yugoslav feminists the first conflict which has been recorded as nationalism-related. Women in War were the first international event where the existence of war rapes in the wars in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina was discussed. Already during its preparatory phase the split between the Zagreb feminists started gaining publicity in Croatia and abroad. Although the different war-related positionings and related tensions among the members of Women's Help Now had started manifesting from July 1991. The antinationalist feminists' faction registered a separate entity called Autonomous Women's House Zagreb.