chapter  6
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A Critical Novel Look at the Old Dynamics and Knowledge

WithAna Miškovska Kajevska

This chapter addresses the war-related segment of the activities of the Belgrade and Zagreb feminists between 1990 and 1999. Two sorts of positionings, that is discourses and activities, were compared: those regarding the Yugoslav wars, and those towards the feminists from the same and the other city. The Belgrade 'nationalist' feminists considered their own analyses of and positionings on war violence as the only comprehensive, non-partisan, and objective ones, whereas the Zagreb 'nationalist' feminists described themselves as sole genuine advocates and supporters of the Bosniak and Croat women who had been raped by Serbs. The dynamics were supported by fact that no minimal consensus regarding Serbia's politics on Kosovo existed among these feminists. Due to the greater social distance, the support for Bosniak and Croat women exceeded that for Kosovar Albanian women. The lesser intensity of their criticism was also due to the fact that, contrary to the situation in Croatia, their war-related positionings resembled those of the Serbian state.