chapter  5
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Potential Result of Using the Dream-Guided Meditation Model

Become Conscious of the Higher Self Potential within Your Being, a Presence in All Human Beings

This chapter suggests specific times to meditate in morning, noontime, after work, and any time people feel led to do so. Begin with meditation for guidance every morning. Life's transitions are other times to meditate. The chapter presents a dream answer to a pre-dream thought-question on how to keep inspired. The dream's suggestion is to meditate every morning. A "short stop" for a ten-minute meditation is so peaceful for us. Noontime is another time to meditate. The dream shows there are benefits from taking time to relax even without reaching the meditation depth desired. Select and define major words and phrases from our write-up of the dream to discover the dream's personalized meanings. The general definition for "phrases" as used in Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID) step is "a string of words", which can be phrases, clauses, or whole sentences. The dream indicates that one should use logical reasoning skills to realize the importance of the longer after-work meditations.