chapter  6
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When to Meditate

This chapter details various places for meditation, places that vary according to the meditator's preferences. Among those preferences are at home, in nature settings, at work with others, in churches and other kinds of public places, and even in a foreign country when the meditator pictures being there. Some people are most quieted in the spirituality settings of various religious traditions. Where to meditate is, of course, up to the preferences of individual meditator. Some people prefer to meditate with others at work, in churches, or in other public places. Some people find the deepest meditative quietness in their own homes. The dream shows a productive place for meditation is right where people live. Some people like to symbolically go to foreign countries when they meditate, as the next dream shows. For instance, the Relaxing Noontime Meditations dream shows a woman leaving her work area and sitting in something like a windowsill as she takes a relaxing noontime break.