chapter  8
CLCT test evaluation
Pages 32

The test specifi cations of the CLCT-4 and -6 have been completed and presented in Chapter 7 . Throughout the whole specifi cation development process, test usefulness and appropriate level of diffi culty have been two essential considerations that are logically, or conceptually, evaluated whenever decisions are made on particular test task characteristics. It is the test developer’s expectation that the two tests are highly useful and are refl ective of two different levels of diffi culty. To assess whether these two objectives have been successfully achieved, quantitative and qualitative evidence need to be collected during the test administration stage. For this purpose, it is decided that the CLCT-4 and -6 sample tests should be produced to operationalize the test specifi cations developed. They will then be administered in a series of studies to statistically evaluate their qualities of test usefulness and the gap in their level of diffi culty.