chapter  1
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Developing Ideas for Authentic Challenges, Projects, Learning Experiences

WithDayna Laur, Jill Ackers

A learning station, in contrast, is where academic content occurs as a natural part of the authentic learning experience. Authentic projects, in comparison, are designed to help learners climb up the ladder to higher levels of thinking. The process reflection that takes place during an authentic project provides our learners with the opportunity to gain new levels of independence and autonomy, and to take ownership of their experiences. Teaching and learning activities support our children in their quest to manipulate information as they apply and evaluate their inferences to a big idea or project challenge. Relevancy is critical. The heart of an authentic learning experience comes from the melding of best instructional practices. Community partnerships in an authentic learning experience promote the relevancy. Community partnerships promote lifelong learning practices and bring meaning and relevance to the development of critical and emotional thinking.