chapter  5
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Strategy Four: Maximize Formative Assessments in Your Project

WithDayna Laur, Jill Ackers

Strategy Four is to maximize use of formative assessments throughout the project to monitor learners as they master the standards throughout each Stage of Finding a Solution. This strategy gives the opportunity to connect learners' prior knowledge to their impact on their present world. The formative assessments learners choose to use throughout the project need to be authentic to the challenge. An opportunity to pre-write, draft, peer review, and revise are all formative assessment points that improve the published product. A variety of formative assessment tools that strengthen a final product. Formative assessment and grading practices vary from school to school and district to district. The use of formative assessments are viable as grades and can be used to provide evidence of a learner's progress, for both report cards and parent communication. To teach and assess critical thinking within the authentic learning experience or project learners want to implement multiple opportunities for formative checks.