chapter  6
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Chasing Justice

Bystander intervention and restorative justice in the contexts of college campuses and psychoanalytic institutes
WithKatie Gentile

In this chapter, the author attempts to use psychoanalytic theory to better understand the potential roles of bystander intervention and restorative justice for campus sexual misconduct. Restorative justice, on the other hand, aims to hold and address the needs of the offender, the victim, and their respective communities. The author uses a similar temporal/spatial approach to describe what could seem as a "sudden" explosion of cases of sexual assault on college campuses. Discussion of sexual boundary violations cannot help but be shaped and limited by the familiar doer–done to, Judeo-Christian-based, judicial structure for participants. The women's center, like many such centers within college campuses, gradually became responsible for the development and implementation of violence-prevention programs around issues of sexual and intimate partner violence and harassment. The new policy, like the Dear Colleague Letter, contains the problem of sexual violence on campus and its corresponding solution, within individual, discrete bodies.