chapter  2
A revolutionary call about female sexuality
WithDoris K. Silverman
Pages 15

This chapter discusses various forms of gender discrimination, there is much stereotypical behavior and some women contribute to it by their tolerance and pleasure in their experience of benevolent sexism. The relevance of the concept of gender wasn't entertained until the feminists in the 1970s began making distinctions between sex and gender. The chapter explores advertising and the media as highly significant barometers of the societal views of women. It explains the new sexual mores exemplified in tattooing, sexting, and hooking up that reflect contemporary societal views and more relevant feminist views. A phenomenon undreamed of when the feminist revolution began is the practice of sexting, which is quite common. The chapter presents many of the features that demonstrate an enhanced thematic characterization of female roles in a Disney picture, there is also a stereotypic reliance on old sexist notions about beauty and appearance for women.