chapter  Chapter 1
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WithJoan G. DeJaeghere

This chapter shows how families and the community would perceive secondary education that focused on business and entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial mindsets, skills and enterprise development take place within social and economic relations in informal, community and moral economies in Tanzania. International agencies, corporations and non-governmental organizations have all argued that such education requires a fundamental shift in the Tanzanian education system by being more employer and market-driven and integrating skills and an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels. The different discourses and practices a program uses can be analyzed to understand the kinds of citizens they produce and the material and social consequences on citizens’ lives. Liberalism, as a form of governmentality, emerged in nineteenth-century Europe as an effort to define and limit relationships between government, citizens, and the economy, and to allow for governing of the self. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.