chapter  Chapter 2
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Neo/liberal Governmentality and Citizen Subjectivities

WithJoan G. DeJaeghere

This chapter sets out a framework with which to analyze the ways various international, national, and local actors who fund and implement entrepreneurship education and training programs and how they relate to dominant liberal and neoliberal ways of thinking and practices of governing. It explores how international agencies and global discourses use rationalities of rights to education and work, and how they also call on a discourse of responsibilization, which is the moralization of individual responsibility for economic insecurities and social risks. The chapter considers how entrepreneurship education programs use double meanings of participation in, and empowerment through, education and the economy. Global institutions, goals, and strategies produce and reproduce neo/liberal discourses – meaning they draw on both liberal and neoliberal ways of thinking and practices – related to development and education through various mechanisms and techniques. Rights granted and protected by the state seek to be inclusive of citizens or do not protect all rights for all citizens.