chapter  Chapter 3
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Approaches to Entrepreneurship Education

WithJoan G. DeJaeghere

This chapter provides a context for the Tanzanian study by discussing the dominant approach to entrepreneurship education and training, which is aimed at stimulating job creation and economic growth. It deals with a different approach that has the objective of reducing poverty and addressing other social ills that particularly affect youths. While entrepreneurship is associated with financial gain, people in many diverse societies have long conceived new ideas and products and engaged in economic activity to earn money for themselves and to create wealth and opportunities for others. The difference between entrepreneurship programs for economic growth and those for poverty alleviation is the groups they target and the outcomes they aim to achieve. The former promotes participation in the formal labor market and contribution to economic growth; the latter targets out-of-school youths or other disadvantaged groups and creates enterprises in the informal economy to generate income to meet basic needs.