chapter  3
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Where to Seek for Verification for Metaphysics

This chapter considers the extent and limits to what metaphysics can accomplish. Kant holds that these limits are to be formulated. It uses to notice what considerations place limits upon it. Metaphysical knowledge can only be got by synthetic judgments. Since empirical knowledge can be had only of what exist in space or time, metaphysical knowledge is also bound by this limitation. Kant brings out that both of these limits to metaphysical knowledge determines independently of any item of knowledge supplied by metaphysics. The limits beyond which metaphysics can attain no knowledge would be vacuous if it never tried to go beyond them. Yet philosophy has ever ventured beyond these bounds. Since metaphysics can acquire knowledge only of what are possible objects of empirical knowledge, any limits to empirical knowledge are also limits to metaphysics. The Aesthetic and Analytic shows that how the intellect makes the corporeal world from that material.