chapter  4
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Contingent Criticality

ByJaimini Mehta

This chapter introduces three notions, the first one is philosophical in nature and proposes a general way of thinking, which is called contingent criticality. The adjective contingent is meant to locate criticality in a contextual space. Criticality implies an objective and universal position and has been one of the foundations of the modernist project which celebrated the autonomous individual possessing a rationality disengaged from any contextual encumbrances. The second notion is Concerned Making. The school will seek to equip students with the understanding of their own society and the world around them necessary to be able to bridge the gap between technological considerations and their ethical and aesthetic dimensions. Thus Concerned Making. The third idea introduces a method of practicing architecture, which is in tune with both Contingent Criticality and Concerned Making. Criticality thus assumes the Archimedean posture of being outside and independent of the telos of life itself and becomes universal.