chapter  5
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Architecture and the Idea of Agreement

ByJaimini Mehta

One of the things that is easily noticed about architects, at least some of them, is that they are very passionate about their work and are often intolerant of lapse in quality and poor execution. Acceptance of the idea of architecture in the public realm is a precondition for the durability of architecture. Everyone looked at created buildings in awe and must have nodded their head in agreement. Alberti was looking for the laws which precede and determine the individual choices of an artist without which no freedom is possible. Alberti believed architecture to be an art not distinct from life. The real contact with architecture and with the architect is made, then, beyond learned expressions of aesthetic styles, when the substance of humans' existence as individuals and as a community is simply but uncompromisingly stated. This does not occur simply because a formal synthesis is obtained, but rather because a comprehensive idea of architecture is validated.