chapter  7
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Architecture as Co-Making

ByJaimini Mehta

Great architecture throughout history has always transcended our cognitive capacities and has touched us in a deep and spiritual way. To build an architectural space conception primarily around our cognitive and rational faculties alone is to miss out on the experiential and spiritual aspects of architecture. Architecture deals with three simultaneous notions of space: cognitive space, perceptual space and mythical space. The city's comprehension requires a cerebral engagement and not the sensorial "eyes of the skin" as would be the case for a purely perceptual space. This space, in its mythical form, is available only to those steeped in the legends and mythologies of the place, for its co-making requires an active conversation between the physical and the mythical, between the objective entity of architectural form and the human presence. Architecture is co-made by the physicality of the built form and the human presence.