chapter  8
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Vaastu and the Enfolding Order

ByJaimini Mehta

True, ancient India has had a wealth of wisdom in the matters of construction of human habitat and cities. At last count there are more than 50 ancient titles, some dating back to the first millennium, collectively referred to as Vaastu Shastra that have existed as part of our Vedic and Upanishadic heritage for centuries. Vaastu Shastra is a knowledge system, a part of the tradition which evolved during Vedic times and has come down to us first through oral tradition and then, after the first millennium, through literary compilations. The comprehensive view of the world permeates, orders and guides all human activities, including the practice of Vaastu. The attempts of many of the present day practitioners of Vaastu, referred to as "Vaastu Consultants", is directed toward establishing an unequivocal relation between specific "causes" and specific "effects", as either prescription or proscription.