chapter  X
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The Revelations Made to the Small Holy Assembly

WHEN the Master, Simeon ben Jochai, knew that the time had come for him to leave the world, he called his faithful disciples to him. They came together at his bedside and stood about the room in a hushed silence, their eyes fixed on the face of the Master whom they ardently desired to keep with them, yet a while. The Master lay still, his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes he saw that a fire encircled the house. And he raised his hands in prayer. He was happy and smiling, and he said: "Let those who have heard me reveal the Divine Mysteries remain here with me." And six remained, while the rest went outside. Ben J ochai said to those that remained: "We are the Seven Eyes of the Lord." But one of the pupils said: "We are the six lamps which receive their light from the seventh!" And another one added: "The Holy Lamp is like unto the Sabbath, for the Sabbath doth bless the other six days! And the Master is holy, even as the Sabbath is holy. He is the Holy Lamp !"