chapter  6
28 Pages

Developing Lean and Sustainable Pedagogy for Sustainable Communities

An On-the-Ground Case
WithMeredith A. Johnson, W. Michele Simmons, Patricia Sullivan

Chapter 6 explores how adopting lean technical communication tenets at the level of course development informs curriculum building and program innovation. Such adoption deploys a rethinking of our programmatic discussions of technology in key ways: (1) to focus on complicating notions of value, to identify and protect vulnerable populations in the academy and the community, (2) to prioritize innovation as a prompt that assists community-based work in achieving sustainability in technical communication curricula, and (3) to construct research that incorporates community-based curricula as a means of structuring the extra work it requires into faculty workloads. This on-the-ground case examines two technical communication courses to show how lean technical communication tenets might be taken up across a variety of courses in the service of reinforcing programmatic goals. The chapter offers a heuristic that assesses sustainability for lean technical communication curriculum.