chapter  1
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Art for Whose Sake?

This chapter explores some imaginative connections between art and theology. It presents the theme of chaos and ordering. It is a powerful theme in both art and religion not least in the art and religion of the Bible. The Jewish and Christian religions are founded on the experience of salvation. Most biblical metaphors, the notion of spaciousness or wholeness resonates always with its opposite, namely, in this case, fragmentation or brokenness or defeat, and this in turn with a foundational experience and image chaos. Edom's boundaries will be reduced to a jumble of stones another image for chaos. Sin and guilt result in chaos, evil results in chaos; mental disorder and physical disease are chaotic. The alien philosophy of Middle Platonic metaphysics brought clarity and order to the mystery and essential strangeness of the Bible's poetry. It is the Church's secondary revision, its re-ordering, of its foundation classic.