chapter  12
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Morphology and Syntax

WithJoshua A. Sabih

In order to prove my theory concerning the linguistic structure of our text, i.e., Middle Arabic, examples representing both CA and non-CA are enlisted. The final aim of this exercise is not to prove new findings within Classical Arabic but rather to underline, comparatively, the functionality of CA linguistic forms in the linguistic structure of Middle Arabic. Moreover, I have chosen to break away from the customary method of Arabic philology dealing with non-Classical Arabic texts, which consists of enlisting the linguistic forms that do not belong to Classical Arabic. This method, in my view, has led to an over-emphasis of the non-CA on the expense of CA component of Middle Arabic. Being aware of the risks of what such a task might entail on the one hand, and what some might construe as redundant work on the other. I see my method of engaging in comparing CA and non-CA linguistic forms as essential to this scientific enterprise.