chapter  3
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WithJoshua A. Sabih

In most cases and in the weakest sense, Judaeo-Arabic literature is literature in Arabic written in Hebrew letters. Thus the significance of this characteristic is to mark out certain works as having been written, composed or copied by Jews. This mark is weak since it would include works which were copied by Jews without any criterion. Thus, Arabic works by Plotinus, ‘Abd al-Jabbār, al-Ghazālī, ’Ibn Rushd, Yaḥā Suhrawardī, or even the Qur’an which were copied in Hebrew letters would be considered a part of Judaeo-Arabic literature in their manuscript forms…These works belong to Arabic literature and Arabic thought, but in so far as a specific manuscript was copied in Hebrew letters and was intended to be read by Jews alone, it forms part of Judaeo-Arabic literature. (Bermanl997,35)