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The modern view of science is taken to be the product of Enlightenment thought and is associated with claims of epistemic authority for the sciences compared to modes of thought, and the postmodern philosophy of science is seen as having emerged by way of reaction to modern science. Science has a distinctive epistemic authority, not in the sense that it can participate in or reproduce the reality it seeks to understand, but rather because it provides us with sets of mechanisms that explain the phenomena involved. Tomoko Masuzawa also adopts a kind of "virtuoso" methodology as appropriate for scholars in Religious Studies. Hyperbolic theory threatens especially the prospect for learning anything from others that we did not already presume. It is time for a reckoning, for a rigorous deflation. The only "academic study of religion" that is appropriate in the context of the modern research university, therefore, is a scientific study that is wholly emancipated from religio-theological, and socio-political agendas.