chapter  4
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‘Waiting for what the Lord wills to do with me’

Calvin in Strassburg and Geneva, 1538–41

John Calvin's first domicile after his dismissal from Geneva was Basel, early in June 1538, though the leaders of the Reformation in Strassburg, Bucer and Capito, were to seek him out as a teacher of theology and a minister to the city's growing expatriate French Protestant community. In September Calvin assumed his charge as minister to Strassburg's French Protestant community, preaching in city churches until the ruling council gave them access to the dissolved church of the Dominican Order. The most significant aspect of Calvin's authorial work in Strassburg was grounded in his work and commentaries on Scripture, along with his accumulating teaching experience. The ongoing process by which Calvin's principal work was to swell to the final diapason of 1559-60 was now firmly under way. Calvin faithfully observed the Christian humanist principle of reverence for the text before him, in its entirety, seeing it, in characteristic humanist fashion, in its cultural, historical and literary context.